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🔥Last Day 50% OFF🔥[One Tablet lasts for one year!] mouse and insect repellent Tablets

🔥Last Day 50% OFF🔥[One Tablet lasts for one year!] mouse and insect repellent Tablets

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No rodents or insects within a radius of 10,000 meters

German Brand Direct Sales【100000+】Safe Sale No.1

1 pellet lasts for 3 years

Made of pure plant ingredients, the scent is harmless to the body.

【Plant Formula Only repels mice without harming humans and pets(Cats/Dogs)】

The Four Major Hazardsof Rats to Life

The rodent infestation is severeconstantly affecting sanitary conditions

  1. Spread disease
  2. Infected bite wound
  3. Bite through the circuit
  4. Trigger Nature

🙋‍♀️Use our Rat repellent pellets,Small Size, Big Energy Quickly exterminate pests and rodents

Rat and Pest Repellent Ball, effectively repels a variety of rats and pests Please place the trial for convenience directly where needed

Rodent and insect repellent pellets

Principle of rodent repellent👇

Gently put it down, Solve pest nuisance

  • Selecting essential oil components from plants that repel various pests
  • Keep insects and rodents at bay, thereby driving them away

Solve the problem of pests and rodents

  • Deodorizing bugs, mosquitoes, flies, rats, cockroaches and other common pests

Plant Formula Only repels mice without harming humans and pets(Cats/Dogs)

24 hours Continuous rat extermination, Repel mice all day, one can be used for 60 days

Wide applications: Mouse Repellent Pellets Easily handle various scenarios

Not only the living room, kitchen, factory, and car, Can also be used in crowded and permanent areas

Product Information

  • Name: Pest Repellent Pellets
  • Quantity: 5 pieces pack
  • Shelf Life: 3 years unopened
  • Ingredients: Dichlorobenzene, Menthol, Camphor, Lemon Quartz Sand
  • Applicable Scope: Can be placed in housing, drawers kitchens, balconies, offices, etc.
  • Instructions: Remove the repellent pellet and place it at the desired location for repelling.

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